How to order

We’ve tried our best to make the process of ordering your awesome stickers as smooth as possible!

The super easy way (in 3 steps)

  1. Upload your artwork in our kick-ass editor (you can choose multiple shapes, sizes, quantities and even background color here)
  2. Make sure the the uploaded sticker looks like you want it and hit “Add to cart”!
  3. Write down your billing stuff and where you want the stickers sent and hit buy. Magic!

Advanced way:

  1. Upload your artwork, for best results make sure you upload a good resolution, ideally vector based or high dpi.
  2. Select your desired cut shape – you can choose from multiple forms like die-cut (which follows the edges) or square, rectangle, circle or rounded edges.
  3. Select the desired edge – this is the cut edge we use to trim your artwork in the final stage. If you want no edge, pull the lever to the minimum value (please note, does not work with die-cut as an actual edge is needed for the free shape form).
  4. When you first upload your image we will make it the optimal “image size” – feel free to change this (if the file is too small for the desired sticker size we will warn you about low dpi).
  5. Select the quantity you want please note the minimum quantity is determined by the selected size.
  6. Time for the material! Our most popular material is pre-selected for you and works for almost all uses as it is printed on a great vinyl with laminate for extra protection and durability but you can also select from our special materials after your needs and desires!
  7. Click the Add to cart button and proceed to the payment page and fill in the billing/shipping info – pick your payment gateway of choice and hit send!
  8. Sit back (wait a few days) and enjoy and have fun with your new awesome stickers!

Need some more help or want to learn more? Check out our Stickers FAQ here